WordPress Installation Tutorial – How to install WordPress on Server

Wordpress Installation Tutorial

This tutorial is all about how to install WordPress on your web hosting Server. Although, most of the hosting service provider companies offering free WordPress Application Along with their hosting Account. You need to just log in to your control panel and click on WordPress application icon. By following simple steps you can easily install WordPress on your hosting account.

Whereas, if your hosting account does not contain free WordPress application then you can use this tutorial to learn how to install WordPress manually on hosting account.

Follow below given steps for manual WordPress installation.

Step 1 – Download WordPress Installation Package from WordPress official website.

To install the WordPress the first step is to download the WordPress Installation package to your local PC Drive. You can download the latest WordPress Installation package by visiting below mentioned Link.

Download WordPress page

Once you will be at WordPress Official Page just click on Download WordPress <version > Button appearing in side bar of website as shown below.

Download WordPress Setup Button


Clicking on This button will start downloading the ZIP file of latest version of WordPress. Save the ZIP file at your desired location on your Local PC Drive.

Now Go to you just downloaded installation package and extract the zip file at same location.

A new WordPress Folder will get created.

Step 2 – Uploading WordPress Package to your hosting Server

Now we need to proceed with 2nd step. The best way to doing the same is to use any FTP client to upload the files on to server.

Note – While uploading the WordPress files on to server make sure that the files should be uploaded in public_html folder, if you want to use WordPress for your main website. Or if you want to use WordPress for sub domain of your website then upload all the files in your desired sub domain folder.

Upload all the contents of extracted WordPress folder on your desired location.

Step 3 – Creating MySQL Database for WordPress

The next step is to create a database and user with full permission of database.

MySQL databse could be created by using Cpanel of hosting account. Each hosting service provider have their own options to create the MySQL database.

While creating the database you need to provide following information

  • Database Name
  • Username
  • Password

See below image how a SQL database creation screen will look like.

Cpanel Databse creation


Here in Create Database section, specify the database Name and click on Create Database button. New created database will get added in current database list. Now create new user for created database.

After creating the user add user to your newly created database. As shown below..

Adding Database User


MySQL account Maintenance screen will get appear. See below pic.

Click on all privileges check box to provide all permission to user. Click on make changes.

User privileged


Now, note down all the values like Database name, username, password so that you can use those later in installation process wherever required.

Step 3 – Now, let’s proceed with installation process.

Now, since everything has been ready, needed to begin the installation process, we can proceed further.

Open below mentioned URL in your browser

<your Domain URL>/wp-admin/install.php

Remember you need to replace your Domain URL in above URL with your own domain name.

If the WordPress files and folders have been uploaded to Public_html directory then you need to provide the home page URL  on above URL. For example : if your domain name is  abc.com then you open below URL


If WordPress files have been uploaded in a directory at server like Blog or any other then you need to specify that directory address in above mentioned URL. For example if you have uploaded the files in BLOG directory of your website. Then you should open below URL


 A new screen will appear with a message that you don’t have a wp-config file and you need to create the same before proceed. See below pic.

WordPress Installation Step 1


Click on Create a Configuration File button.

A new screen will get appear, instructing you to keep all the information needed before proceeding.

Since you have already noted down all those values after creating Database, just click on Let’s Go button as shown below

WordPress Installation Step 2


New screen will appear along with a form asking for those values as shown in below pic. Fill all the details of your MYSQL database and click on Submit button.

WordPress installation Step 3

Now WordPress application will check whether your given values are correct or not if everything is ok you will see a confirmation screen as shown below.

Click on Run the Install button.

WordPress Installation Step 4

A new screen will appear asking for few of your website information along with the administrative user account information. See below pic. Few additional information will also be required like email and a check box option that whether you want to make your website crawl able or not. Fill all the required details and click on Install WordPress button.

WordPress Installation Step 5


Now your WordPress application has been installed and below screen will appear. You can click on Log In button to access the WordPress CMS and start creating pages and posts.

wordpress installation step 6