How to Install a Chat Box at your Website

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Chat Box Installation Tutorial for a Website

A Chat Box is always a best option to interact with your website visitors, it also helps you in providing assistance to your clients. You can resolve their issues without delay.

Installing Chat Box for a website is quite tough task for a website before few years, but now a days there are various websites which offering Chat Box Installation Service. By following  easy steps you can install a chat window at your website.

In this tutorial we will learn Olark chat Box Installation at website.

Step 1 – Sign Up and Get the Code

Go to

Click on Get started button. See below pic

Olark Home Page

Olark Sign Up Form will get appear as shown in below pic. Fill up the form to create your account.

Olark Sign Up Form

Once you will sign up successfully you will see a New Window as shown below with Chat Window Setup Code.

Olark Chat Window Setup Code

Just copy the code and paste the same above the </body> tag in source code of your website.

If you want to install this chat Box  in your WordPress Website then just go to Dashboard -> Appearance -> Editor

Click on Footer.php in right displayed file names as shown in below pic.

Wordpress Footer

Paste the Olark code there.

Step 2 – Set Up Chat Client for you

Set up a chat client so that you can interact with your website’s visitor. Olark is providing an option to download PIDGIN an universal messenger which you can use as a chat program to talk with your visitors.

You can download your Pidgin by clicking on

Download the setup file from above link and install PIDGIN at your end.

RUN Pidgin, Press Ctrl + A,  Accounts Dialog Box will appear to add a new account.

Pidgin Account Management


Click on  Add button

Pidgin Add Account

Add Account Dialog Box will appear, Click on  Protocol drop down Menu. In displayed list of protocols select XMPP. 

Adding protocol to pidgin account

  • Fill your Olark username in username field.
  • Fill in Resource field.
  • fill your desired password and click on Remember password check box.
  • Click on  Save  button. see below pic.

filled Pidgin add account form

  • Now you can see that your Olark account get added in to the Accounts dialog box.
  • You only need to enable your olark account which just been added.
  • To enable your Olark account you need to just click on enabled check box of your account in Accounts dialog box.

Now this all have been done. Enjoy !