Free Download Android Setup Files from Google Play to PC

Free APK Downloader

This has been seen that many of us facing problems while installing an application or Game at our Android Device. If your internet connection speed is not good then you need to spend lots of time to download and install your desired application. Also while installing the application downloading process abort automatically due to net connection missing or other reason. Its really an irritating process.

Also, in case you have two or more than two android devices where you want to install same application then at each Android device you need to install the application individually. Means you need to repeat the same process of downloading and installing the application each time, that will become a time taking process.

Here, in this tutorial I am going to let you know a tip about how to download setup files of Adnroid applications and games so that you can install those at any time on any Android device.

APK downloader is the best way to download any Android APK setup file from Google Play server to your local Hard drive. Only limitation with this method is that it does not allow you to download setup files of paid applications.

APK is a Google Chrome extension which can easily be added to your Google Chrome browser and after setting it’s options properly it will be ready to work for you.

Step 1 – Download APK Downloader

Please follow below given steps to download APK downloader extesion.

Free download the latest version of APK downloader from its official website.

You can also download AOK downloader from this link Download APK Downloader Extension

(Right click on above link and click on Save Target as)

Step 2 – Install APK Downloader

Follow below given steps to add APK downloader extension in to your Google Chrome browser

Open Google Chrome Browser

Click on Menu – > Tools -> Extensions. your Chrome browser’s extension window will appear with the list of extensions already added in to your browser.

Once extension window opened just drag and drop your CRT file in to your Google Chrome extension window. See below pic.

Drag and Drop Google Chrome Extension file


Google Chrome will ask you to allow adding new extension file as shown below

Add new extension to Google Chrome


Click on Add button to confirm the addition of new extension and New APK downloader Extension will be added.

A new confirmation box will appear as shown below

Google Chrome Extension WIndow



Step 2 – Get Device ID of your Phone

In your Android Phone dial *#*#8255#*#* .

GTalk Service Monitor will get display as shown below. Scroll down the page and go to the line Device ID

Now down the device ID string except ‘android’

( example – 5hajau38ja82jka82j3)


Step 3 – Configure APK Downloader Options

Now Got to your Google Chrome extension window and click on options link just below APK downloader extension.

Your APK downloader options window will get appear as shown below.

APK downloader optons

In above window you will see three options

  • Email
  • Password
  • Android Device Id

You need to provide here your Google play email Id and password which you are using at your phone.

Now paste your device ID which your noted down in previous steps.

The window will look as shown below.

Now make sure that you have enabled your APk downloader extension check box.

Device ID screen in Android Phone

Now every thing has been done. Just go to Google Play website and click your desired free application or game which you want to download.

Once you will be on your desired application page you can see  in upper right corner of address bar Google Market icon as shown below-google market iconJust click on that icon to start APK file downloading. Save the file and install application wherever or whenever you desire.